Visit a deli in New York

Whilst visiting New York, it is almost a culinary necessity to experience and sample the delights of a New York Deli. From meaty feasts to veggie delights, The Big Apple’s best delis are sure to satisfy your cravings. Here’s a pick of the best:

Kats Delicatessen

Famous as the location of the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, Kats Delicatessen has become popular among locals and tourists for its pastrami sandwiches and hot dogs, both of which are widely considered among New York’s best. Since its founding in 1888, Kats has stood proudly on the south-west corner of Houston and Ludlow Streets and today, is also the only place in town that still carves all its pastrami and corned beef by hand – delicious!

Visit a deli in New York

2nd Avenue Deli

The 2nd Avenue Deli originally opened in 1954 on the southeast corner of Second Avenue but relocated to 162 East 33rd Street in 2007. This delicatessen is completely kosher with its specialities being corned beef, matzoh-ball soup and knishes and is popular due to its friendly hospitality services.

Barney Greengrass

Barney Greengrass originally opened in 1908 at the corner of West 113th Street and moved to its current location, at 86th Street in 1929. This unique delicatessen offers an extremely extensive menu with exclusive delights such as Nova Scotia smoked salmon, H&H bagels and caviar being the favourites.

Carnegie Deli

Open since 1937, the midtown location of Carnegie Deli makes it a popular choice for visitors looking for a mile-high pastrami sandwich, onion rings or cheesecake whether it be early hours of the morning or late at night. This family owned delicatessen smoke and cure the meat in their own plant and serve at least a pound of it on each sandwich however operate on a cash only policy – so bring your pennies!

Stage Deli

The Stage Deli, located on Seventh Avenue, is renowned for its popularity with celebrities. Since its opening in 1937, celebrities that have walked through its door include Dolly Parton, Adam Sandler and Leonardo DiCaprio. The flashy decorations and cheap prices make this deli a popular choice with families.


Located at the corner of Flatbush Avenue Extension and DeKalb Avenue, Junior’s deli is famous for its outstanding cheesecake. Although its food isn’t competition with bigger deli’s of the city, locals love its matzoh ball soup, chopped liver and brisket.

Artie’s Deli

Overflowing with hanging salamis, house cured corned beef, pastrami made from a secret recipe and other traditional deli meats; Artie’s deli is a culinary wonderland. What sets Artie’s apart from other delicatessens is the old school eats it offers ranging from the Famous Roumanian Pastrami to the open-faced steak sandwich served on an onion roll – all for a reasonable price.

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