Information Regarding The Region of Lampun in Thailand


Lampun is near Chiang Mai and Lampang in Northern Thailand. Lampun is on the Ping river which is a historical trading path for the flowers into Chiang Mai and further south into the country. Lampun is a scenic area with vast flower laden expansive valleys which are practically the foothills to the Himalayas given that they share the same tectonic plate. Lampun is just 15 miles from Chiang Mai.

During the late 1100’s this area of the Mon empire fell to the Lannas until eventually it had been taken over by the Burmese for two hundred years. Thailand was finally created by a cooperation of many provincial leaders and the Burmese were finally removed from Thailand altogether.

Information Regarding The Region of Lampun in Thailand

Districts Mueang Lamphun Mae Tha Ban Hong Li Thung Hua Chang Pa Sang Ban Thi Wiang Nong Long Festivals

The most notable festival to see in Lampun would be the Longan Fair where floats decorated with flowers are utilized to commemorate the harvest of the Longan fruit (which happens to be similar to a lychee). Females take part in traditional dances and men will put flower garlands around their necks in appreciation of their dance.

Where to Visit

There are lots of temples in Lampun that are worth a visit. The most popular temple is the Wat Phra That Hariphunchai which was constructed in the 15th century by The King of Chiang Mai. Lampun is renowned for its timber carvings and trinkets featuring the cultural festivities of the historic Lanna Kingdom of Chiang Mai.

To get to Lampun coming from Bangkok you can travel on the overnight train to Chiang Mai after which take a coach. Alternatively you may travel to Chiang Rai which is a lot closer however there are bad bus connections to Lampun. Buses are often local buses without air-conditioning and stop too often.

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