A Natural Wonder

The Serengeti Wildebeest migration is renowned for being one of the greatest shows on Earth as it’s is one of nature’s true masterpieces.

A wildebeest’s life is a never ending pilgrimage, in which they follow food and water; the cycle starts in Kenya early September and in the north-eastern parts of Tanzania, 1.5 million four legged beast prepare for the journey an entire country.

Throughout their longsome journey the wildebeest will exhaust planes kilometres wide of shrubbery and grasslands, the pure weight of the heard will sculpture landscapes and shape pathways, a unique ecosystem’s will evolve purely around the herds movements.

A Natural Wonder

During the Remarkable migration over 400,000 thousands wildebeest calves are born and are instantly thrown into the gruelling race for life! The Calves have to travel vast distances days after discovering their feet as well as avoiding predators which are after an easy meal.

The amazing spectacle has to be witnessed firsthand and is definitely something you have to do before you die! To get the best experience out of the wonderful spectacle go full out and book a Safari Holidays.

Early September is the prime time to follow the herd in southern Kenya, but don’t worry if you miss the chance as the Kruger National Park, South Africa has the second largest wildebeest herd which migrates a shorter distance and keeps within the parks boarder, if you wish to visit the concentrated Kruger park your going to have to book South Africa Holidays and take your stay at one of great hotels in Nelspruit or spend a little more on a luxurious Lodge which are dotted throughout the wilderness around the safari park.

If your after more than an adventure why not add a little sea to your holidays by spending a few days in Mozambique.

Mozambique Holidays offer the best of both worlds, not only do they offer a fantastic safari adventures but the country itself boarders the tropical Indian ocean, perfect or unwinding after a long day on the tracks these ideal of holidays combines exhilarating adventure and bountiful relaxation into one ultimate holiday.

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