A concise Inverness Airport Guide

Inverness Airport is located 13 km from the city of Inverness in Scottish Highlands. The airport works as the hub of travel and tourism routes to Northern areas. Most flights serve England and Irish regions, while occasional routes include specific European destinations. Furthermore , charter air traffic and freight operations keep the airport busy.


The largest carrier is Flybe which actuates day-to-day orderly flights to Central English destinations comprising Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham, Jersey and London. Flybe also serves Belfast. The direct competitor of Flybe is EasyJet which also has the biggest percentage share of passengers flown. EasyJet operates flights to London and Belfast. In alliance with Flybe and British Airways, Logan Air is the third major airline providing access to tourist destinations of Kirkwall, Stornoway and Sumburgh.

A concise Inverness Airport Guide

In accrod with   the UK Civil Aviation Statistics, the Airport served nearly 600,000 customers in 2009. A large majority of these passengers integrate inter-country tourists who access Inverness Airport through a large network of interconnected flights accruing from London.


The airport has one vast   terminal which is jointly operated by Government and Private sector . This partnership has allowed Inverness Airport public authorities to continuously enlarge basic establishments , which involve multiple eateries . There are also a multitude of small-sized shops and a photo booth. The advice center is well vested where guests can access most business facilities. Meeting rooms are also disposable on premises. Short term parking is available in front of the terminal, while long term parking is minutes away.



Jet Busses practise from the front of the terminal. They link notably public spots within Inverness as well as Ardesier, and Nairn.


Most prominent car hire companies are substitude . These include EuropCar, Avis, Thrifty and Hertz. Taxicabs are also comfotably available . If you need car hire  at inverness airport try car hire Inverness airport


There is no rail station nearb, but visitors can access the main rail station in Inverness or Narin by connecting Buses.

Disabled Facilities

The Airport is a single level building with ample facilities for disabled passengers. The disabled toilet, disabled drop-off area, special parking, revolving door access provide easy access to every part of the airport. For additional guidance, ambulift, wheelchair and personal assistance can be arranged by contacting an airline representative or the Information Desk.

Information Desk

The Information Desk is located in the center of main concourse. Passengers can get information by dialing (01667) 464 000.

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